Windows Desktop Nightmare

Chriss Hoffman recently posted 8 Reasons Why Even Microsoft Agrees the Windows Desktop is a Nightmare on How-To Geek. It’s a worthy read. Among other things, he discusses:

  • Malware
  • Bloatware
  • Getting stuck

Leaving the Room

Once upon a time, my wife had a PC and I had a Mac. I was a long time PC user before dumping Microsoft for a Mac. My job was to keep her PC alive and well, since I’m the resident computer engineer. Dealing with her PC was one job I didn’t like. She had to leave the room because of my ranting and raving when fixing stuff or installing updates.

Our household became a calmer place when her PC was replaced by a Mac. Sure, I fix stuff and install Mac updates, but I’m a relaxed person. My wife carries an iPad around with her everywhere she goes. She uses her Mac to backup and updates her iPad, and do a few things that are easier on the Mac.


My guess is corporations, and governments are the biggest losers. Dealing with Microsoft patch Tuesday, never ending security costs defending Microsoft defects, and keeping licenses up-to-date, are a hefty chunk of IT budgets.

Most business and government management seem to view IT as a cost sink and don’t want to hear anything about it. The costs of dealing with Microsoft realities are just passed on to consumers and taxpayers.

Lessing frustration and outrage by dumping Microsoft are less of an ordeal for consumers. Many have done so when they bought a tablet such as an iPad. Get a Mac if tablets don’t fit your needs. You’ll be glad you did.


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